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Studio & Live Recording

Rob & Phil Studio ImageWe have a fully equipped recording studio allowing you to record anything from a simple voice-over to a complete album.


We are a friendly team of like-minded professional Artistes, Composers and Technical Engineers, offering a high quality service and enthusiastic support in the production of your recordings. We will provide you with technical and production assistance along with our creative know-how, in order to make your time with us a success.


In addition to our studio services we are equipped to provide

48 channel multi-track on-location recordings to capture live

performances, whether you are a soloist, band or full orchestra.


Our aim is to achieve the best possible recordings, at the most competitive price, with a careful consideration of your budget.

Korg KronusBobby G in the Vocal Booth"Working in a studio, even for the most experienced of performers can still be quite daunting. When the engineer hits the record button it’s your moment to deliver your best, whether a vocalist or musician. Having been in this same situation myself on numerous occasions I fully understand how this feels, therefore we aim to create an environment in which you, as a performer, can excel.


We understand that it’s not only vitally important to have a quality recording, it is also essential to capture a great performance.  Whether it’s recording a vocal over a backing track as a present for a loved-one, recording your budding star, or a potential commercial release, we will have the same enthusiasm and apply the same attention to detail on every project we are involved in".


The Studios...

Where the magic happens


Our studios comprise of a comfortable control room, live room, vocal booth and writing room.


Heidi Vocal BoothOur vocal booth is acoustically treated and spacious, incorporating bi-directional CCTV link for communication with the control room and voice-over synchronisation work.


Writing RoomThe writing room is equipped with a Korg Kronus keyboard, Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors, audio patch and CCTV link to the control room.


We have a large Live Room measuring 14m x 5m with audio patch panel to the control room. For rehearsal purposes there is playback facilities and a mirrored wall making it ideal for fine tuning your performances.


Our control room is equipped with an Avid C24 which integrates smoothly with our Pro Tools software providing rich powerful features, along with KS Digital C88 Monitors for that perfect reproduction of your material, with a sound output which is precise and sonically neutral, giving a most accurate 3-way near-field experience.


UAD and Waves Plugins enable us to recreate the rich analogue sound quality of vintage reverb, equalisers and rare compressors as used in the world's top studios.


The studio is further complimented by a large selection of industry renowned microphones, including Neumann and Peluso, enabling us to capture a true reproduction of all vocals and instruments.


Source-Connect, the industry-standard ISDN replacement with a deep feature-set for all your remote audio and monitoring needs. This enables South-West talent to access thousands of studios worldwide over our Fibre-Optic Internet connection.

Live RoomTomas Brain CD CoverHelping to create the star in you


Artist Development is one of the areas in which we excel, we are passionate in helping to hone the skills of the artists of tomorrow.


It's not all about just being able to sing in tune - it's about vocal and physical ability to express emotions through song and movement.


We provide vocal coaching to improve technique, vocal range and overall stamina, along with movement and dance tuition to improve stage presence enabling our clients to feel comfortable when performing.


Many of the additional production services we offer include - having a producer in on your recording sessions enabling us to capture your best performance,  assisting you with the creation of CD's and Album artwork, MCPS Licensing for the Rights to use other Artists creative works and even Digital Distribution, Contract and Tech Rider advice.

More than just a Studio...

On Location Recording...

2 RiversSometimes you just want to be able to capture the atmosphere of your live performance... That's where we can help by providing On-Location Recording throughout the Southwest.


Urban VoiceWe are experienced in recording Orchestras, Brass Bands, Choral Groups, Bands, Soloists and Theatrical Productions, using high-spec, industry standard professional Equipment and Microphones.


There's nothing better than capturing that special atmosphere from a fantastic gig, or the acoustic qualities of individual venues.


We are happy to take audio feeds from any in-house system. Alternatively we can provide complete, fully Engineered, PA/Recording packages. To support this we have a large D&B front of house and monitoring system, extensive outboard equipment and microphones (including wireless headsets), along with staging and full lighting rig.Mid Devon Choral Society


Many of our clients have used our recording services for the production of live CD’s/DVD’s, either for merchandising at events or promotional purposes.


We can also provide CD duplication and create disc artwork and sleeve designs.


Why not get in touch with us to discuss your individual requirements.

Our Studio Rates include a Professional Engineer and the use of All Our Facilities.


Recording Studio Rates:


Weekdays (1000-1800hrs) - £72.00 incl. per hour

Evenings & Weekends (Minimum 4 hours)  - £90:00 incl. per hour

Full Day (9hrs Flexible Times)  - £480.00 incl.

Vocal Tuition  - £48.00 incl. per hour

Producer - £120.00 incl. per hour

Choreography/Stage Presence Tuition  - £48.00 incl. per hour

NB: If you wish to book the studio for longer periods or block bookings please contact us to discuss rates.




We can Digitally Edit, Rearrange and Master your recordings.

Charged at an hourly rate  - £72.00 incl. per hour


Voice-Over Recording:


We offer Recording, Editing, Post-Production, Mastering and File Conversion.

Weekdays (1000-1800hrs)  - £90.00 incl. per hour

Evenings & Weekends  - £120.00 incl. per hour

Half Day (4hrs)  - £320.00 incl.

Full Day (8hrs)  - £600.00 incl.


ISDN* / IP - Engineer in Attendance / Recorded Remotely:

 *(Our studio now only utilises Source Connect over IP)

Weekdays (1000-1800hrs)  - £120.00 incl. per hour

Evenings & Weekends  - £160.00 incl. per hour

Half Day (4hrs)  - £350.00 incl.

Full Day (8hrs)  - £660.00 incl.

Charge for Simultaneous Local Recording  - £72.00 incl. per hour




CDR/DVDR Unedited Voice-Over Audio/Data files Free of Charge

File Transfers Up to 5GB Free thereafter  - £2.50 incl. per GB

Phone Patch to UK Landline  - £2.50 incl. per hour

Skype Audio/Video Link Free of Charge


Media Transfer & Restoration:


All Audio Formats converted to Digital  - £72.00 incl. per hour (+Media Costs)


Mobile On-Location Recording:


We are experienced in recording Vocal Groups, Brass Bands, Choral Groups, Live Bands and much more...

1 Day (6hrs Recording + set up/strike)  - £700.00 incl.

2 Days (12hrs Recording + set up/strike)  - £1200.00 incl.

Studio Overdubs/Editing/Mixing/Mastering  - £72.00 incl. per hour

Live Band Package - Engineered & Recorded to Pro Tools:


D&B Audiotechnik system for performances for up to 500 guests, consisting of:

2 x C7 Tops, 4 x C7 Subs, 6 x Maxi Monitors, D&B Amps, Allen & Heath GLD 112 Console.

Complete with all Mics, Stands & Leads.  £912.00 incl.

NB: The above System without recording £792.00 incl.


Please contact us for further information on our Live PA Packages.


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